Nicola Newland

With a BSc Honours degree in Psychology & Literature, aside from Teaching, Nicola’s aspirations were for a career primarily focused on people and engagement. Beginning her career as a Personal Assistant gave Nicola the opportunity to build the foundations for a blended skill set transferable across multiple industries. Working for a large finance corporate, local government authorities, small and large agencies, leading global technology brands and retail partners has allowed Nicola to continue to develop and adapt those skills. With key strengths in people management, client engagement, marketing strategy design and execution, analytics and communication, Nicola has delivered market leading and award-winning results. As Bluewood Office Interiors continues to grow and evolve, Nicola’s most recent experience as Account Director in the Field Marketing industry is a natural partnership and key to continually driving the Bluewood Brand, building a robust infrastructure critical to ensuring we deliver for existing and prospective clients. In her spare time, Nicola is a very keen yogi, and the ‘zen’ of regular yoga practice and mediation is her saving grace when keeping a chaotic family afloat!