Simon runs for Wooden Spoon!

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a charitable focus, so in order to keep the support flag flying high, our very own MD, Simon decided to take one for the team. Now there were many things he could have done to bring in the bucks for our chosen charities but he went big and entered into the 2022 London Marathon in October!

As a Team we are all pretty passionate about sport and good health. Between us we are keen sailors, swimmers, tennis players, yogis, amateur runners and general fitness types, but this really is raising the bar and pushing it to the next level. We’ve clocked up a few half marathons and 10 milers as a group but to tackle the big 26 is no mean feat and we couldn’t be prouder.

Simon will be running for Wooden Spoon, a charity that you will know is very close to our hearts and we are hoping that by having the opportunity to achieve a life-long goal of his, Simon will clock up the pounds to help others achieve their own life long goals.

We have set up a just giving page and invite you to take a peak at the link, not just to make a kind and generous donation but to follow training progress and updates and give all round much support and love to Simon as he embarks on the challenge. You will even get a glimpse of the champ in his training vest which in itself is worth at least a tenner!

Thank you as always for your ongoing support to our business and our charitable ventures which are only a success due to your contributions.

To find out more about Wooden Spoon please visit the JustGiving Page.